Participant Resources for the 2018 ALAP Sampling Season

Welcome to this online resource page to assist ALAP volunteers in monitoring their lakes.

If you are interested in adding a new lake to add to our database, please email us at

Here’s important new information for 2018:

2018 Sample Delivery System: In order to maintain data quality and laboratory efficiency it’s important that we get each month’s sample to the AWI lab promptly. There are three reasons for this requirement: 1) many of the chemical and biological signatures we are interested in rapidly degrade if not analyzed quickly; 2) The AWI staffs the lab in the summer to assist with the analysis, when sample arrive in September through December the lab is understaffed and cannot efficiently analyze the samples; and 3) Timely submission of the samples will result in quicker report generation. ALAP staff will pick up monthly samples at the collections hubs each month.

Watch a new ALAP training video produced by the Adirondack Watersheds Institute here.

2018 Sample Drop Locations: We will use four sample drop locations in the summer of 201.8

1. Paul Smith’s College – Hours Monday-Thursday 8-5, Friday 8-3. Adirondack Watershed Center Institute/Poalozzi Center. Click here for directions to Paul Smith’s College. Please contact Liz Yerger at AWI to arrange a delivery time: phone (518) 327-6174 or email at

2. North Creek – Freezer is located on Susan Murante’s front porch at 156 Main St. directly opposite the school parking lot. Porch door is always open. Susan can be contacted at (518) 251-2225 if necessary. PROTECT has moved its office to Johnsburg; the phone number is 518-251-2700.

3. Blue Mountain Lake – Freezer is located in a brown garage at 3339 NYS Route 28. This is on the north side of the road, 0.9 mile west from the intersection of Route 28 and 30. Call 518-352-7717 if you have questions.

4. There is also additional sample drop-off locations in Old Forge. Contact Liz Yerger at Adirondack Watershed Institute for specific information at 518-327-6174.

Mailing Frozen Samples: Contact Liz Yerger at 518-327-6174 for more information.

2018 Sampling Schedule: In the 2018 sampling season we need to get all volunteers to try and perform their monthly samples during the same week each month and deliver them to the Sample Drop Location at the same time. Below are the sampling and sample delivering dates:

5-Month Sampling Season:

After May 19th (deliver samples to drop location by May 28th)
After June 16th (deliver samples to drop location by June 25th)
After July 14th (deliver samples to drop location by July 23rd)
After August 18th (deliver samples to drop location by August 27th)
After September 15th (deliver samples to drop location by September 24th)

3-Month Sampling Season:

After June 16th (deliver samples to drop location by June 25th)
After July 14th (deliver samples to drop location by July 23rd)
After August 18th (deliver samples to drop location by August 27th)

Additional Materials: Instructions and Forms for Volunteer Monitors:

ALAP Sample Field Information Sheet and Instructions (1 Location)
ALAP Sample Field Information Sheet and Instructions (Multiple Locations)

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Thank you for contributing to the development of this database, another step in ensuring the quality of our lakes and ponds, an invaluable Adirondack resource.

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