Our Work

Protect the Adirondacks works to defend and preserve wilderness and wild areas across the Adirondacks, through grassroots organizing, legal action, research, education, and independent public oversight of state and local governments and agencies.

A grassroots approach that initiates change from the bottom up. We believe that environmental leaders continue to rely far too heavily on an old top-down model that involves pleading with our elected officials and then hoping that change gets handed down to us by our government. This decade and those to follow will demand far more from those of us on the ground if we are to succeed in protecting the woods and the waters that we cherish.

In keeping with this spirit, PROTECT emerges as a flinty, activist coalition of volunteers who are no longer willing to wait for change. We are rolling up our sleeves to accomplish several volunteer driven initiatives.

In fact, PROTECT is largely volunteer driven; that means a high proportion of your membership dollars go directly to projects that help protect the park’s six million-acres. We’d like you to join us as we work for a healthier environment and a more vibrant and sustainable economic future in the Adirondacks.

PROTECT is a wellspring of citizen advocacy, research and policy analysis, educational outreach, and grassroots activism for the Adirondack Park. It breaks new ground by delivering programs that provide hands-on contact with Park landowners and land managers to promote exemplary stewardship of Adirondack farms, forests, and waters. The organization integrates its stewardship programs with work that promotes conservation-based planning and design for environmentally sound development; clean, renewable, climate-friendly energy production and use; enlightened management of the publicly-owned Forest Preserve; and an underpinning of laws and policies that meet the unique needs and challenges of a lived-in Park.

What distinguishes PROTECT from other organizations?

  • Effective grassroots advocacy backed by an underpinning of knowledge and experience gained over more than a century of on-the-ground work in the Adirondacks.
  • Management of a long-term program that assesses the water quality of Adirondack lakes in partnership with Paul Smith’s College. This program works with scores of lake associations, volunteers, local governments, and businesses who monitor the water quality of various lakes and ponds following scientific monitoring protocols.
  • A forest stewardship program that encourages and promotes sustainable, long-term forestland management in the Park by organizing private landowners committed to long-term forest management.
  • By tapping the expertise of a broad range of attorneys PROTECT focuses on legal action to challenge political decision-making.
  • PROTECT believes that good information makes good public policy. PROTECT manages the largest independent research effort in the Adirondacks.
  • A consistent history of bold initiatives for planning and policymaking for the Adirondack Park.

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